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Compact Single-Axis EtherCAT® Mini Drive Module

The MDMst is the first member of the Mini-universal Drive Module (MDM) series of EtherCAT-based drives.  Its small form factor allows OEMs with demanding motion control applications to develop compact machines. Controllable by any ACS SPiiPlus™ Platform EtherCAT master, it leverages powerful servo control algorithms to maximize motion system performance, while its universal servo drive technology provides the system designer flexibility to control most types of motors or stages.


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Key Specifications

  • Drive Axes: 1
  • Drive Supply Input: 12 – 48 Vdc
  • Bus Voltage: Equal to Vin
  • Max Current Output Per Axis: 5/10A
  • Encoder Channels: 1
  • Mounting: Panel or Board
  • Functional Safety Options: STO (pending certification)
  • Proprietary ACS Feature Options: ServoBoost, ServoBoost Plus, AutoFocus

Key Capabilities

  • Servo Control and Drive Technology
  • Motion-to-Process Synchronization
  • Machine Safety and Uptime