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Controller Application Development

3rd Party EtherCAT Drive and Device Control

Leverage Control System Flexibility to Integrate 3rd Party EtherCAT Products

EtherCAT gives OEM machine builders the flexibility to select the best products and suppliers for their machines. Unlike proprietary-network-based controllers, ACS SPiiPlus EtherCAT master motion controllers allow direct control of 3rd party EtherCAT drives supporting DS402 CoE protocol and other 3rd party EtherCAT devices with standard ACSPL+ and host library commands. 3rd party EtherCAT products may require qualification. Please, contact ACS to discuss your device and application requirements.


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Key ACS EtherCAT Master Features

  • One-click EtherCAT slave identification and network configuration
  • Full ACSPL+ application programming support for motion commands, error handling, and more
  • Full host application library programming support for flexible user interface development
  • File Access over EtherCAT (FoE) support for device configuration and firmware upgrades

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