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Semiconductor Manufacturing

ACS Motion Control has decades of experience addressing the throughput, accuracy, and resolution requirements of the most demanding semiconductor equipment applications, including inspection, metrology, lithography, and more. Advanced development tools and capabilities are critical in enabling semiconductor OEM machine builders to manage highly complex motion control applications.


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Key Application Expertise

  • High-Precision XY Stage Wafer/Mask Positioning
  • High-Precision Z Stage Inspection/Metrology Head Positioning
  • Z/Tip/Tilt Wafer Alignment
  • Beam Manipulation Axes Positioning
  • Optical, X-Ray, and E-Beam Inspection and Metrology
  • Lithography
  • Probing
  • Film Deposition

Key Capabilities

  • Host Application Libraries for Bringing Machines to Market Faster
  • SPiiPlus Simulator for Reduced Machine Development Effort
  • ServoBoost for Enhanced Motion System Performance
  • NanoPWM for Nanometer-Level Resolution Applications
  • Smarter Gantry Control
  • Servo Algorithm Customization
  • Autofocus
  • Dynamic Feedback Switching
  • Flexible Configuration