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Servo Control and Drive Technology

Universal Servo Drive Technology

Increase Machine Design Flexibility with Universal Motor Support

High-tech OEM systems often employ a variety of motor technologies. With Universal Servo Drive Technology, ACS drives offer OEM machine builders a common platform for controlling all motor and stage technologies in the machine. This enables the maximum flexibility to select best-in-class mechanical solutions for the application.




Motor/Stage Types Supported

  • Linear brushless DC servo
  • Direct drive and traditional rotary brushless DC servo
  • Brush DC servo
  • Voice coil
  • Stepper (open or closed loop with high-resolution micro-stepping)
  • Planar/Sawyer Motors


Other Key Features and Benefits

  • Flexible encoder support including AqB, SinCos, and many absolute serial protocols
  • Flexible dual-loop control options
  • Flexible commutation options including encoder-based auto-commutation (avoid wake-and-shake)
  • Increased velocity smoothness with cogging compensation options
  • Motor phase sequence detection prevents issues related to miswiring
  • Easily protect your motors/stages with flexible current and voltage protection parameters