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Servo Control and Drive Technology


Improve Motion System Performance with Unique Servo Algorithm

High-tech OEM machine builders use high-precision motion stages to achieve high throughput and micron-to-sub-micron level accuracy. ACS’ ServoBoost algorithm leverages powerful Servo Processor technology and modern control theory to outperform PID-based algorithms – a must-have for applications with demanding move and settle, standstill jitter, and constant velocity requirements.


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Key Benefits

  • Improved machine performance: Faster settling, better stability, lower jitter, better constant velocity
  • Automatic adaptation to large changes in load and system parameters
  • Automatic compensation of disturbances, resonances, axes interaction, cogging, and more

Ideal Use Cases

  • Precision linear motor and direct drive rotary stages
  • Point-to-point applications with demanding move and settle targets
  • Point-to-point applications with sub-micron to sub-nanometer standstill jitter targets
  • On-the-fly inspection applications with demanding velocity regulation targets
  • Systems with weakly damped resonances
  • Systems with low stiffness or large inertia mismatch

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