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Additive Manufacturing Systems

High-precision industrial additive manufacturing (3D printing) systems are capable of generating complex production-grade structures with micron-level resolution features. ACS Motion Control’s unique capabilities and services enable OEMs to achieve higher printing resolution, better machine throughput, and shorter time-to-market.




Key Application Expertise

  • High-Precision XYZ Gantry and Stacked Systems
  • Linear Motor, Ballscrew, and Belt-Actuated Stages
  • Dynamic Flow/Dispensing Control
  • Laser-Cured 3D Printing Systems
  • Systems with CNC-Style User Interfaces
  • Systems with Graphical CAD-to-Motion User Interfaces

Key Capabilities

  • Multi-Axis Position-Based Triggering for High-Throughput 3D Printing
  • Universal Servo Drive Technology for Maximum Machine Design Flexibility
  • SPiiPlusSPC Additive Manufacturing Machine Control Software
  • Servo Boost for Increasing Print Resolution and Throughput
  • G and M Code Programming
  • Segmented Motion