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High Resolution SinCos Encoder Multiplier and Splitter (x16,384 count programmable multiplier)

The EM14B is a single channel analog SinCos encoder multiplier and splitter designed for high precision motion control applications including inspection and metrology systems. The EM14B implements programmable interpolation up to 14 bits, with advanced filtering and compensation. Two pairs of output encoder signals (four total) are generated from the original incoming SinCos encoder signal – two buffered SinCos identical to the original, and two interpolated AqB signals.


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Product Highlights

  • Programmable 14 bit interpolation with advanced filtering and compensation
    • Max interpolated AqB output resolution for 20 um pitch SinCos encoder: 1.22nm
  • Max SinCos Encoder Input Frequency of 700KHz
  • Max AqB Encoder Output Frequency of 12.5 MHz (50 million counts/sec)
  • D-Sub encoder connectors identical to many SPiiPlus Platform products for easy integration
  • Jumper-selectable power supply input source (from controller/drive or external supply) for easy integration
  • Programmable filtering, gain/phase/offset, and hysteresis calibration features for optimal performance
  • Common Use Cases
    • Generating high-speed position-based signals (PEG outputs) or capture highspeed position-based events (MARK inputs) at high resolutions with SinCos encoders
    • An external device in a motion control system, e.g. camera triggering board requires digitized encoder signals from a SinCos encoder.