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ACS Introduces MDMst a Compact Single-Axis EtherCAT® Mini Drive Module

Yokneam Illit, Israel—May 20, 2024

ACS launches a new compact single-axis EtherCAT® Mini Drive Module for OEM machine designers. The MDMst is the first member of the Mini-universal Drive Module (MDM) series of EtherCAT-based drives.  Its small form factor allows OEMs with demanding motion control applications to develop even more compact machines. Controllable by any ACS SPiiPlus™ Platform EtherCAT master, it leverages powerful servo control algorithms to maximize motion system performance, while its universal servo drive technology provides the system designer flexibility to control most types of motors or stages.

The MDMst’s small form factor allows it to be mounted close to the axis it is controlling, reducing cabling. Or it can fit in smaller systems where cabinet space is limited or non-existent, like in table top equipment.  Examples of common applications:

  • Fast Z-axis motion
    • Voice coil stages or BLDC motor stages
    • AutoFocus in inspection machines
    • Step and measure in biotech applications
    • Pick & place in electronics assembly machines
    • Soft touch landing for contact testing
  • Fast compact theta axis
    • Fast rotary alignment
  • Biotech tabletop lab equipment

“We at ACS are excited to introduce our first Miniature Universal Drive Module (MDM) product. We developed the MDMst-1-048-05 to maximize performance of low-power high-precision/bandwidth motion stages in applications requiring a compact drive footprint. It enables OEM machine builders to reduce cabling and manufacturing costs by mounting the drive nearby or on the stage it is controlling. One of the target use cases involves mounting the MDMst-1-048-05 next to the Z-axis positioning stage of a semiconductor metrology system. Another target use case involves integrating multiple units to control multiple axes in a compact genome sequencing machine.” says Jason Goerges, ACS Motion Control USA General Manager and Global Vice President of Marketing.  The MDMst is available for immediate shipment.

The MDMst’s key features include:

  • PCB mount or non-enclosed panel mount options
  • Advanced servo control algorithms for maximum motion performance
  • Universal Motor and Encoder Support for Maximum Motor/Stage Flexibility
  • Seamless Integration with any SPiiPlus Platform EtherCAT Master Controller
  • Maximum Drive Current: 5 A continuous, 10 A peak
  • Drive Supply Input: 12–48 VDC
  • Feedback Channels: 1 (AqB, SinCos, or Absolute)
  • Analog I/O: 2/0
  • Digital I/O: 3/1

About: ACS Motion Control delivers high-performance motion controller and drive solutions to OEM machine builders in semiconductor, laser processing, flat panel display, 3D printing, electronic assembly, and life science industries.  Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Israel, ACS technical sales and support offices in the USA, Germany, China, and a global partner network are backed by an ISO9001-certified design and manufacturing facility.  ACS has been a member of the PI Group since 2017.For more product details, see https://www.acsmotioncontrol.com/products/mdmst/ and contact sales@acsmotioncontrol.com.

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