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How does it feel to be an ACS employee?

We are pleased to introduce you to Adva Lev Ari.

Adva is a distinctive person, combining an uncompromising professional side with a commitment to the development of mind and spirit. She has been working at ACS for about three and a half years as the company’s global sales coordinator and liaison with customers in China and the United States.

She is a mother of three and has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and psychotherapy. Adva has developed a therapy model that combines Eastern and Western treatment methods. She has organized workshops and is interviewed periodically on various radio shows.

Adva has played the piano since she was eight years old and will soon publish two children’s books. We enjoyed speaking with Adva and hearing about her work experience at ACS.

Adva, how did you hear about the position at ACS?

One of the managers at a company I worked for in the past contacted me and suggested that I join the company. During the first interview, I felt that the connection was right. Each interview was conducted with professionalism and in a very pleasant atmosphere.

What do you like the most about your job?

I coordinate the sales process for our Chinese and US customers – this requires daily communication with the company’s customers, checking orders for validity and implementing them, answering questions, etc. My favorite part of my job is the daily interaction with people. It gives me the opportunity to learn about different communication patterns and the characteristics of different cultures. I enjoy developing interpersonal relationships with the clients and people in the various positions with which I work. Those for me are at the core and integral to my enjoyment of work, as well as my ability to succeed in this job.

Could you please describe one of your most memorable workdays? 

During my work at ACS I’ve had a number of memorable moments. In particular, the human gestures of clients – sharing personal stories, expressing concern, and caring; those moments show how any formal-professional contract is founded on an informal-interpersonal contract – based on trust, transparency, cooperation, and humanity to create the conditions where both parties can flourish and achieve satisfaction.

Do you feel that over the years you fulfilled your potential in the company?

I am realizing the potential of my traits like versatility and creativity. It is important to me that the processes I lead and am responsible for are done completely and satisfactorily, in a way that meets the standards I set for myself and that our customers expect. The ability to adapt processes and find creative solutions to challenges at work makes me happy. I am always looking for beauty and uniqueness in my work, as well as in the people with which I work. I consider people on the one hand and with processes on the other and I find ways to express those qualities. I look forward to future opportunities to have a positive influence on our business and on our customers.

Where do you feel the most prominent connections to the characteristics of the company? (Advancing Technology, Collaborative Culture, Striving for Growth)

The Company is at the forefront of technology, evolving and improving over time, setting challenging goals and taking part in large and significant business projects. I am proud to be a part of business projects and to be in touch with some of the largest customers in our industry. I also enjoy being a part of horizontal processes, such as employer branding and defining company vision, where I can be creative and influential.

What makes ACS unique to you? Could you share a tip for a new employee?

Together with uncompromising work ethic in the professional and technological area, the human factor produces a new experience and enables accelerated development. I find it fascinating how the products we manufacture, and the market affect the quality of products in diverse industries and impact the global market – from semiconductors, through laser systems, to the medical field, we set the standard for quality wherever we work.

The tip I would give to new employees is to use this added value we provide the market as motivation for the work you do, and to remember that, as Steve Jobs said, the way to do great work is to love the work we do.



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