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ACS Motion Control Advanced Technical Training

Developers of high-tech OEM systems can enhance the performance of their machines and bring new functionality to market more quickly with a deep understanding of their motion controller platform. In addition to periodically scheduled training classes, ACS offers customized advanced training programs for OEM machine builders.

The course can cover specific ACS features, capabilities, or in-depth topic to optimize your application or to simply help level up your skills to unlock potential tools that will help your future roadmaps.

This training program can cover topics such as:

  • – Understanding sophisticated frequency domain measurement, analysis, tuning and design capabilities to maximize the performance of motion control systems.
  • -Advanced ACS servo control and drive technologies that will address the needs of the highest performance motion control applications.
  • -Applying ACS multi-axis Servo Processor technology which offers advanced MIMO (multi-input multi-output) control such as linear positions and yaw displacement loops to improve accuracy, throughput, and stability for gantry systems.
  • -And more…

On-Demand Training & Tutorial Videos are available here.

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