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How does it feel to be an ACS employee?

We are pleased to introduce Alexander (Shura) Ivanovski, Software Architect & System Engineer, a 22 year veteran at ACS. Shura came to Israel in 1999 from Minsk, Belarus. He studied at the Radio and Electronics’ University and has a master’s degree in computer systems development.

  • Shura, how did you hear about the position at ACS?

I saw an advertisement for an Engineering position in a Friday newspaper and applied. It was six months after I came to Israel. I was hired after two interviews on the same day- with the company’s development manager and its owner, Zeev Kirshenboim. During this time, the company employed 40 people, and I was the third software engineer. At that time, I had recognized a great technological potential in the products developed by ACS – sophisticated electronic products dedicated to motion control with advanced algorithms and software developed within an embedded environment.

  • Can you describe your main challenges entering your job?

The company started developing a new generation of controllers (SPiiPlus), which was a significant and challenging software development undertaking and for me, a new challenging learning opportunity. A key factor that contributed to my success was the supportive team-spirited environment – this contributed to more productive and faster learning and led to my promotion of senior engineer, and in 2005 to the position of head of software, requiring me to lead a team of five engineers.

In the 13 years in which I have led the software team, the number of products developed, and the number of customers has increased significantly.

Over the course of my tenure at ACS, my interests and career began to navigate towards systems engineering. Having the companies support to continue advancing my career in system architecture engineering was very important to me, I was glad for the opportunity to support and promote a successor to lead the software group – it has been a rewarding experience full of new challenges and opportunities.

  • What do you like the most about your job?

I feel valued professionally and personally both by the management and the staff, which gives me the motivation to invest in work and initiate new projects. In my view, taking initiative is very important for the advancement of the company – “If you don’t take action, the company will not advance”. It is great to have the full support of the company to implement my ideas.

I particularly appreciate the kind and caring attitude of the employees and managers, both in promoting professional issues and in helping each other. All these things motivate you to work hard and keep investing.

  • Could you please describe one of your most memorable workdays? 

My team and I met with a customer at one of the exhibitions we attended in Germany. He approached us and went on to describe his organization’s need for developing a new machine and detailed the machine’s requirement specifications. In two weeks, we were on our way to the Netherlands with a potential idea, but without a fully formed product or solution. After we presented our concept of a solution, our customer found the idea to be precisely what he was looking for, and we were able to win a large project. For me, it was one of the most significant moments at work. We worked for about a year to develop a new completely intangible software-based motion controller that we now refer to as our SPiiPlus-SC soft controller. Our customer, and my team at ACS, were both very satisfied and remain so to this day.

  • Do you feel that over the years you fulfilled your potential within your company?

Undoubtedly. I feel like I have learned a lot, contributed a lot, and I still have a lot to learn – there is no end to learning.

  • Where do you feel the most prominent connections to the characteristics of the company? (Advancing Technology, Collaborative Culture, Striving for Growth)

Technologically, the company is leading the way, growing, and evolving. We are developing more and more products and winning more and more projects. I am proud of my work – “significant work that makes a company grow”. The realization of potential depends largely on the company’s culture, and with ACS’s collaborative culture, that potential can be fully realized.

  • What makes ACS unique to you? Could you share a tip for a new employee?

I am proud to be part of the ACS family. A family atmosphere, collaborative culture, good employee relationships, informal communication, and a lack of hierarchy are what make ACS unique. Every employee is significant, can be heard, and has the ability to influence.

Tips I have for a new employee:

Teamwork – ACS strongly encourages collaborative work, “together”. A willingness to listen and to hear, to initiate and express opinions, to be developed, all attributes that make an employee feel at home in their workplace.

Customer visits – As a new employee, it is a great opportunity to be able to visit a customer and learn in greater detail how all of our products work, to see the machines built based on the controllers, which gives an excellent understanding and vision of the products we develop.

Come develop your career with us – join the ACS family!


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